Welcome Note

First and foremost we would like to thank you for your interest in bringing Delta Chi Psi Fraternity on your campus. Founding charters within our brotherhood are held with the highest respects in regards to their overall dedication, determination, and commitment to establishing the guiding principles and founding principles of our brotherhood on their respective campus.
We encourage all perspective charter members to research all fraternal organization information available to them via our website before progressing any further. Being a part of a brotherhood is a life-long commitment and requires much time and before a final decision is made. Please also feel free to reach out to our National Expansion chair at expansion@deltachipsi.com to answer any of your questions and concerns. 


Path to Delta

To be Men of Delta means to forever be humble and respectful to those around you, commitment to community and bringing asian advocacy and awareness while striving to be a person of character. Establishing a chapter of Delta Chi Psi means that one must walk the path of trials and tribulations. Candidates must exemplify in the three pillars of upmost dedication, unrelenting determination, and unceasing dignity. We seek individuals who show not only leadership and integrity but also their true self through acts of loyalty and respect. Bringing Delta Chi Psi to your school, not only would you be bringing opportunities for yourself and those around you but also improvement to the student body and making a difference on those around you.

In selecting perspective schools for expansion, Delta Chi Psi seeks the following:

  • Support from University Administration
  • Support from the established Fraternities and Sororities
  • Support and collaboration from established student organization, Asian and Non-Asian student organizations.
  • Individuals with emphasis to making a difference on campus ground through asian american and asian advocacy awareness
  • Individuals who are actively involved within other organizations through leadership and programming activities

If you and your campus can fullfill these criteria, please contact our National Expansion Chair at expansion@deltachipsi.com to express interest in bringing our Fraternity to your school. Our Expansion Chair will then collaborate with your University Administrators  and advise you on the appropriate expansion procedures  in accordance with your campus policies.