Cambodian Workshop

CAGE // CaGP 2017

With the release of Netflix’s critically acclaimed movie “First They Killed My Father”, our brothers #116 Patrick “KRONOS” Thach & #110 Jason “Azrael” Leng spearheaded a workshop to create and bring awareness to the Cambodian Genocide during the reign of the notorious Khmer Rouge. The workshop featured the first hand perspective of second generation Cambodian-American dancer, Lanica Angpak of CAGE (Cambodian American Girls Empowering) and the Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia. Miss Angpak offered her point of view and how she brings awareness through teaching others through traditional Khmer dancing and other cultural practices. As an Asian-interest organization, we strive to bring awareness to different cultures and to promote diversity and we could not have greater appreciation for role model like that of Miss Angpak and her association. Thank you! #DeltaMonth